Grand Knight Message March 2015


To my brother Knights and Families and fellow parishioners,

I wish a merry March to all.  I would like to take a moment to talk to the Men and Women that like preserving family values.  I am sure that our interpretation of what these values are may vary, but I would hope that a safe and a holy family life is beneficial to all.  These are values that the Knights of Columbus were built on.  This month the Knights of Columbus is promoting new membership into our order.  Men 18 years and older are very welcome to learn more about the order, and how is can help protect your family.  To the wives, I would like to ask that you give a little twist to his arm to check it out.  As he sits down to learn more, we would like to invite you to join in on the Q & A session so you may too may learn.  To the boys aged 12 – 18, the Columbian Squires would like you to check them out.

The Knights are interested in you.  All people have talents that we would like to explore.  Everyone brings something to the table.  I would like to hear from you.  I can be reached via text or call at 574-780-7617.

May God Bless our Families,

SK Peter Polnaszek

Grand Knight – Plymouth Council 1975

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