Prayer Depository

Mary Holding Jesus with the Militia Immaculata holding her

Immaculate Heart 

Enter the Prayer Depository

The Prayer Depository is a collection of prayers I rely on in times of despair, health issues, disaster and times of need where all other resources have dried up. Please feel free to comment to add your own favorite communication to GOD or Saint or saint for your needs.

Prayer is not only a one way street you know! GOD really wants to hear how we are doing as well. He may be quite at times but don’t confuse that with he doesn’t hear. Remember everything in the whole universe is yours as long as you know how to ask for it thru prayer. GOD  Knows All and it is partly up to us to tell him!

And as always remember the Most Holy Trinity , 3 People in 1, GOD

1st Person The Father and the 3rd Person The Holy Sprit



2nd Person The SONWhen your Alone with Jesus

When you’re alone with Jesus

And he sweetly smiles on thee,

Will you gently whisper to Him A little prayer for me?

And when I’m alone with Jesus

 And all else is hid from view,

I’ll gently drop into His Sacred Heart

 A little prayer for you.



Prayer Changes Everything!

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