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The Saint Rose Mission Project was created by local members to serve our local Community in times of distress and to give respite and worth to the Handicap members of our community as well. Not as much to be labeled Disabled but to find the Enabled in all of us.

Chapel Project  <….. Click here for video . The Saint Rose Mission needs a place to ask GOD for Help. The site has been cleaned up and is ready to build. The 30′ x 30′ pored foundation and land or rent paid to continue operations for the next 50 years was secured. Come to  The church in the WildWood. The newly installed Bishop of the Ft. Wayne / South Bend Dioceses Most Rev Kevin Rhodes gave his blessing on the name of the Shrine or Basilica to Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne the first Educator of our Menominee Band of Potawatomie Indians.

Memorial Pumping Station <….. video to be added later.

On July 31, 1982, the five-Brian Samuels, Alphonse Kriscunas, Gary VanVactor, Dane Hoffhien, and Randall Hansen-were responding to a house fire at Lake Latonka on State Road 17 when they rounded the curve at West School and came upon a car ahead north attempting to making a left-handed turn. It is believed that the driver swerved to avoid a collision and veered off the road, striking a guard rail. The pumper continued down an embankment and flipped over. Five of those on board were lost, but one-Shawn O’Keefe- survived the crash. O’Keefe had been riding in the cab and was thrown through the windshield.

The caskets of the five were placed on pumpers and carried to Oak Hill Cemetery in Plymouth. According to Smith, it was the first time that the Department that was founded in 1836 had ever lost a firefighter in the line of duty. “It was beyond imagination and something you don’t expect.” said Smith.

Smith said the Department formed a scholarship fund at the time of the tragedy and continues to hold fundraisers for the program with funds held in the Community Foundation.

Current Fire Chief Rod Miller was not with the department at the time of the accident, but said he remembers that day. He called the annual memorial services “our family gathering”, referring to the bond among firefighters. Miller said, “It (memorial service) touches our hearts, trust me.” Miller shared his appreciation for local Plymouth resident Mike Burroughs who has offered spiritual guidance during many of the services over the years.Miller said, “The volunteers serve with little pay and make great sacrifices.” Currently the PFD has 13 paid employees and 40 volunteers.

Being on the site of this dark day in Plymouth History The Saint Rose Mission is currently starting to construct the first Hydrant in west township supplying pumper and tanker quick refill to serve the people of the west and southern most counties. The mission plans to maintain the pumping station delivering water and pressure to fill the pumpers and tankers. People interested in helping with this project blog me with your input thanks. 

Community Garden <….. Click here for video. Providing fresh produce to the Bread of Life and Neighborhood Centers in  Plymouth. The trencher plowed 60′ and planted Zucchini’s, Tomatoes and Cucumbers so far. The ideas is for school kids and or Handicap adults with Disability’s to maintain the weeding, planting and harvesting to the best of their ABILITIES then giving the gift of their labors back to the community.

Trencher Project <….. Click to download movie. Newly added asset to aid in digging around the mission grounds. I need this to trench waterlines for the Fireman’s memorial Pumping Station / Well / Hydrant 1st in west township on the site where 5 firemen lost their lives in 1982. Donations for this project will be coordinated with the Plymouth and Culver Fire stations. The land and labor will be provided for from the volunteer’s of the Saint Rose Mission. The 1000 gallon holding tank will provide water to fill a pumper in about 1 min. 3000 gallon tank would fill a tanker in 3. If it saves a family’s house by supplying water in a hurry or 1 life saved would be a tribute to the 5 fallen Hero’s of Pumper #5

Pitch a tent  <….. Video to be added later. To acknowledge our first Catholic ancestors In Marshall then St Joe County in 1838 a Menominee Long house will be erected to supply a meeting area and shelter in the event of a calamity. So far I have all the materials to put it up the main tent is 55′ x 35′ about 12ft high on the design of a Indian Potawatomie Longhouse. Put up by July 2014 It will have power and ability to feed and give emergency care clinic to those in need. Please blog if you can help pitch this shelter.

Tractor Project <….. Click here for video. we need to smooth out the roads this old Ford 8n was the main tractor for maintaining 54 acres of property needs a little help to get running again.

Lawn care Machine <….. Click here for video. The main grass cutter went down while filming this video. I need a 18hp Kholer OHV horizontal shaft motor can repower or install new motor, help the weeds are growing!!!

Pontoon Pier Project <….. Click here for video. I have a portable pier system that extends over the lake to go fishing and other water craft launching. My vision was to make a bridge across the lake to provide respite for the handicap and members of the mission to enjoy nature, fish and contemplate the big picture.

more to come as I am able

J.R Burger  Caretaker Saint Rose Mission

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