KofC #1975


To my brother Knights and Families,

Now that the hustle and bustle of getting the kids ready for school with supplies, reintroducing the daily routines including getting them up in the morning, new uniforms or clothes, let us remind ourselves how precious the gift of children really is.  At the same time, remembering that not all children enjoy the comforts that our kids do enjoy.  Do we need remind them that these other children only dream of a new set of clothes for school.  That  they may not have a Breakfast or Lunch to eat.  That in God’s eyes, these kids are just as loved by him as we are.  Don’t pick on them but rather support them. 

In this last year, a double adoption of a brother and sister aged 12 and 9 were a pair of kids that came from this type of back-ground.  They were right here in the United States, and continually rejoice in their new environment.  They give thanks for their new mom and dad, and their two sisters, and have been given a new life.  It brings me great joy to know that there is now hope for their future.  God truly has blessed our family.  Let us not take all for granted. 

With this I like us to remember also our Brother Knights and their families who are sick or in distress.  Take a minute to give them a call or a visit.  It is a lonely world when we are confined to our homes.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you today.  These are words I try to live by and teach my kids and grandkids;  Live without pretending,

Love without depending,

Listen without defending,

Speak without offending.

May God Bless our Families,

SK Peter Polnaszek

Grand Knight Plymouth Council 1975

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