Webmaster #1975 Frequently Asked Questions

Webmaster Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I ?

Any Catholic Gentlemen can join over the age of 18


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Where can I find ?

The local KofC Hall is located off Jefferson Street between Martins Super Market and Oliver Ford


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Why doesnt ?

People Volunteer is because they are too busy in material things!


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Who is ?

KofC? The Knights of Columbus the largest group of Catholic Men in the World who have time for others!!!


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What is ?

KofC? A Brotherhood of Catholic Gentlemen who give over 70 million man-hours a year Volinteering!


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When is ?

Local Meetings Meet at 7:30 pm every 2nd Tuesday for the card carrying folks and come and dine with us at 6:30pm before the meeting to discuss how to get in.


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